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Established in 2016, RX2EDUCATE is an administrative, clinical, and career training company in Canton, Massachusetts. Our unwavering commitment to the quality of the healthcare industry has influenced our leadership to invest in medical technology career training standards.

With the ever-growing technology standards, we understand there is a need for better training in order to enhance trainees’ performance. That is why we are here to support the future of health-care leadership transition to quality training. We have the technical experience and expertise in a range of systems including the Epic software systems.

Dr. Marcia Walker, Director of Medical informatics and Education

Dr. Marcia Walker is a key member of our team. She has published on topics of cognitive care newsletters and e-books. She is a doctorate-level in pharmacology and Clinical Informatics who desires knowledge and a drive to accomplish what most in the medical field has yet to envision.

She holds a master’s degree in education with a focus on gifted children. She also has a degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Georgia. Currently, Dr. Walker is pursuing her second doctorate degree in elderly educational research and cognitive care outcomes.

Her study includes an expanded focus on memory, cognition, and elderly care. Meanwhile, her research area has a strong focus on age-based cognition on chronic disease care outcomes. Dr. Walker has taught doctorate-level students for more than 13 years.

She has more than 10 years of experience as an adjunct professor at Nova Southern University in Florida, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science, and Northeastern University.

She practices in hospital-based liaison for both Medical Teams and Nursing Teams  in both COVID and NON-COVID clinical patient consults, which speak to the level and breathe of her capabilities. Her innovation involves advanced medication interference with ambulatory and critical care patients. Trained by a physician, Dr. Walker brings a unique clinical eye to the elderly care setting. She supports physicians in both the primary care setting and ambulatory patient care.

There, she engages the depth of her knowledge to provide unbiased evidence-based therapy consults for effective therapeutic management. Finding the most vulnerable patient is her contribution to the paucity of clinicians’ specialty in memory-related assessments, care plans, and structured drug therapy management.

Without this level of care, the industry faces more challenges. The absence of her expertise would not only leave voids necessary to mitigate care but also continue to compromise the quality of care outcome.

Felicia Yem, Nurse Practitioner, Assistant Director of Clinical

and Administrative Services

Meet Felicia Yem, our lead instructor and the Clinic Coordinator for our team as a Nurse Practitioner. With more than 10 years’ experience in the medical field we are excited to welcome Felicia to our team. She has a Master’s degree from Rutgers University, and is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

She has a passion for working in psychiatric settings, most recently working at the Center for Life Management in Derry, New Hampshire. There, she worked as part of a collaborative team to evaluate and diagnose mental illnesses and develop intervention strategies
for patients.

Felicia is a member of the American Nurses Association as well as the New Hampshire Nurses Association. With her extensive experience and expertise, Felicia will be a wealth of knowledge to provide excellent care to our clinic’s patients.

Dr. Frenando Valdez, MD, Director of Clinical Education and Administrative Services

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Nurse Instructor, Nellie Duprey

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A Goal We Want to Achieve

Our mission is to embrace training innovations that elevate the quality of care for both ambulatory and critical care patients.

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