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Are you looking to start your journey to become a certified emergency response professional, nursing or medical assistant dedicated to improving the patients’ quality of life and enjoy a career where you emerge out as a winner? iTrainingPros offers a one-of-a-kind simulation based training and supercharge your career. Get the American Heart Association certified Heart saver or BLS certificate today,

Introducing The Winning iTrainingPros Simulator

iTrainingPros began with a heartfelt passion for helping people become a true winner – a winner in career and life. The present-day is seeing an exponential demand for healthcare workers, presenting a wealth of new opportunities. Our powerful engaging simulation strategy makes you a leader in your new job, be a winner in solving your family income needs, and a disarming obstacles to your new career in healthcare.

Get into The Winner Circle with Simulated-Based Training from iTrainingPros

We have incorporated American Heart Association requirements to our medical simulator platform that helps forge the skills for your new career paths. This is your ultimate winning ticket to take your journey to a whole new level. Don’t miss out this golden opportunity. Get your Emergency Response Certificate today!

Our Pro’s Instructors

Our instructors are true winners who have the passion and knowledge to deliver impeccable career coaching. Cross disciplinary of doctoral level clinical pharmacists, medical doctors, and nurses are ready to help you boost your career by offering a power-packed training. Explore our instructors, sign up for free one-on-one information, and earn the winner badge with them!

5:30 pm – 6:30 every Tuesday

Fernando Valdes, MD

Fred, is a highly experienced physician that has plied his expertise across the United States. His focuses included Urgent care and primary care medicine. His passion for infectious disease and later COVID-19 patients which has seen him assist throughout this pandemic.

Marcia A. Walker, PharmD, PhDc, MED

Marcia’s vast knowledge in the training field and 10+ years of experience within an ambulatory pharmacy and hospital inpatient pharmacy has allowed her to deliver impeccable experiences. Apart from educating and mentoring countless doctoral-level medical assistants, nursing assistants, and nurse practitioners, she has also served as Informatics Specialist.

Felicia Uzuyem, RN, NP

Felicia has spent over two decades as a nursing assistant with a palette of skills. Mainly in infectious disease, psychology, home care and personal care. Felicia’s over 10 years of refined skill in nursing and application of exceptional medical standards is wholesome. It has elevated her as a celebrated member of the healthcare community.


Our Services

Emergency Response Training

Showcase you are a winner Certified from the American Heart Association with Basic Life Support (BLS) or Heart Saver. With The Pros, you can perfect your craft on simulated, real-world patients experiencing duress. Our technology allows users to put themselves in the shoes of someone administering lifesaving, basic life support services, without the risk of an actual coding patient.

CNA Training

Take your winning journey a step further. If you are someone who wants to explore more opportunities as a winning nurse assistant and deliver services that elevate your career, our experienced and credentialed staff will help you uncover the ins and outs of the Covid-19 contact sensitive training through our simulated based program.

Pharmacy Technician

A win-win opportunity! If you’re responsible for managing, coordinating, or filling prescriptions, then pharmacy tech training with The Pros is for you! Step foot right into the action, where you can learn from your mistakes and improve gradually without any detriment to your reputation or career.

Coming Soon..!


Real winners keep learning! Once you become a pro, you can enhance your knowledge and skills with our continuous education that keeps you on the front. We provide national continued education nationally certified by ANCC continued education for nurses, nursing assistant and nurse practitioners. With proper practice and Covid-19 guidelines and resources, you can keep winning in your profession and life. Healthcare deserves winners like you; keep learning and serving!


Be A Winner.

We are a team of winners, and we want you to join our circle. Let us take you on a journey and grow your professional skillset towards valuable certifications with our simulated training tech today! Remember, you are a winner.


Julia Sarah

“The Pros are great teachers…. In just four short weeks, I learned clinical techniques that I will use over and over, forever, and to land me my new job in healthcare.  This program is great for anyone interested in healthcare.  I highly recommend it.”

Michael Noth

“The Pros classes are an intense roller-coaster ride exploring the bounds of proper medical grammar and medical discipline. I would recommend it to anyone serious about getting into healthcare and being competitive, both in theory and in practice. The Pro’s ability to produce consistently great work while simulating the craft of clinical skills is a testament to their dedication to healthcare and to adding value to people’s lives. They inspired us to work hard. After four grueling and exhilarating months of their students are better medical assistants and quite possibly better people.”

Mark Henri

“You will laugh, you will cry, you will eat your heart out (and tear your hair out), you will curse the world in general (and Joshua Fields Millburn in particular), you will learn what body parts and the cause of serious illness.  But seriously, this is the course to take if you are willing to work hard and get the best clinical skills.  The pros make it so easy to learn, It isn’t a piece of cake—there are lots of practice with the simulated models and you need to get serious through—but if you follow Joshua’s program, you’ll come out with the knowledge that makes you an excellent medical assistant (which is half the battle for me), as well as the tools to jumpstart, get through, and refine your first interview. Joshua teaches this with humor and insight, and I am grateful that the course materials remain available after the course ends. The course forced me to think about the way patients feel and how I can make them feel better. I gained much more from the course than I anticipated—and I had high expectations—and I can hardly wait for my new job to begin.”

Denial Victory

“It wasn’t until I took Pros Medical Assistant training program that I realized how much I didn’t know. I had some CAN training but how much I’d taken for granted. How mindless I’d become. The Pros puts their whole heart and soul into teaching these classes and into helping his students get better clinical skills. I am grateful. If you are serious about you career in the medical field, treat yourself to a seat in his class.”

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